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Welcome to my new group!

  1. Horseballs
    This is a general discussion about how much we like golf and doing it with girls.
    I'll start...
    I enjoy a good round of golf, followed by bumping uglies with a smoking hot 19 year old, or more likely, my wife.
  2. Kiwi Player
    Kiwi Player
    WOW this new group is great. Is that your wife in the Group picture?
  3. Not a hacker
    Not a hacker
    I feel privileged to join such a fine group, I guess you're experimenting with Fancois' new stuff hey HB?

    I enjoy a good round of golf, but usually follow it with a nap and every now and then doing it with the missus. Even if I had the desire to chase younger tail, one look at my head and you would know I'd be wasting my time. Hopefully Zo will pick up his invitation (You did invite him right HB?) and we can all live vicariously through his exploits.
  4. lorenzoinoc
    I could have sworn when I first looked at the name it said people who like golf and really dirty sex.

    Either way I'm in.

    Now that I'm back prowling around, I'm once again stunned by the range of attractiveness of vaginas. My theory is women with pretty ones are hornier, though there are certainly many exceptions to the rule.
  5. Horseballs
    Hi everyone. Glad to see you've joined my new group. If there's one thing I love in this world, it's exclusivity. I like to be treated better than the average Joe because I deserve it. This sub group of GR is the elite of the elite. Kick your feet up, you've arrived at luxury.
  6. Kiwi Player
    Kiwi Player
    The exclusivity of this group makes it even better and I feel very privileged to be part of such a small, select group. Did you invite anybody else that chose not to join? How dare they not join our exclusive club. Name them and we will shame them!
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