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    "AAA" or "Mint" used balls: Any one tried them?

    Has anyone here bought used golf balls from a local store or an online outlet like UsedGolfBallDeals.com?

    I was thinking about giving it a try but thought I would ask for a review or maybe a suggestion for an online used ball retailer.

    If not where is a good online site for balls at a good price?


    First post, woohoo!

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    AAA or mint balls are practically new. I buy those balls all the time. Saves lots of money and you don't feel bad when you lose them. The AAA balls look just like a brand new ball after a round anyway so why pay the extra money.

    Lately I've been buying Pro V1's off ebay. I just bought some balls that are supposed to have scuffs on them or player markings but no cuts. I've used them for a while and they fly just the same. Just don't look as pretty. 50 Pro V1's for $21. I can live with the small scuff mark for that price.

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