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    Mizuno MP33/Taylor Made RAC MB

    I am deciding between these two Blades with the same specs Rifle 6.0 shaft w/Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. Currently, I am a 6 handicap and use the PING i3+ blades which I am very unahappy with. I have hit both Mizuno and Taylor Made clubs several times. Can anybody can help out with personal use reviews for either or both? I've read that the chrome face peels off the Mizuno is that a fact? Both are highly review on the GolfReview website.. Thanks
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    Smile mp33

    just to say I play with mp-33 with rifle shafts 6.0 -I am a 4 hindicap player

    the mp-33 are one great golf club I have been playing them for 4yrs .
    I work in NYC and practice at Chelsae Pier I hit between 100-200 balls 3 times
    a week and never had a problem with the chrome peeling off the clubs.
    The only time i heard of a problem,my playing partner also plays mp-33 and he
    cleaned his clubs with a steel brush and same of the chrome rubbed off
    if u r a 6 handicap these r the best clubs u can play, good luck

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    I have trialled both these clubs and at this point in time I am leaning towards the Mizunos because I think they have a better feel and are a touch more forgiving, however this may have more to do with the shaft than the head. The mizunos I tried had a Dynamic Gold S300, the RACs had the Rifle 6.

    On mis-hits the RAC hurts the hands alot more than the Mizunos but the results are fairly similar. I do get the feeling however that the RACs would be slightly more durable than the MPs, because the Mizuno steel is a lot softer.

    I think you can't go wrong with either one really, so why not go for the one that works better for you.


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