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    "Blueing" Golf Clubs

    I was just wondering if anyone has blued the head of their club, if so, what steps did you take and approximately how long did it take?

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    I've heard of it done, but don't know the particulars. I understand, however, that gun blueing is not very durable on golf clubs

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    I've heard of "blueing" rifles and shotguns, but not golf irons. Did you mean "rechroming?"
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    It takes a certain chemical and a heat gun. It does make your putter look sick, but it can damage the club if you're not careful. There are websites you can Google that can give you pretty detailed instructions on how to do it.
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    I prefer to spend my vacation time coloring in my putter, so I'd probably be all over this blueing.
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    This is the way most I know do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lblack14
    That looks pretty cool and fairly straight forward. I'm tempted to try it out. Have you actually done it yourself? If so:

    1. Do you know if the process will work on any type of metal? The link you posted talks about stainless steel clubs. Will it work on say a forged club that may or may not be stainless steel?

    2. Do you need to strip off the original finish from the heads to make them "raw" or can you just do it w/ the original chrome or other finish on the club head?

    3. How durable is this finish?

    Thanks for any input you can share.

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