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    How to Transfer SMS for Windows Mobile Phone?

    How to transfer your SMS from your HTC Mobile to PC?

    MyMobile SMS Transfer is an app used to backup sms and outlook contacts on windows mobile. You could use this software to save your mobile outlook contacts and sms as .xml or txt file;Restore sms and outlook contacts from pc to mobile phone;Manage sms & outlook contacts on pc.

    With MyMobile SMS Transfer, you can:

    Backup SMS Messages for windows mobile into .txt file or .xml backup file and save onto your computer
    Restore SMS Messages from a .xml backup file
    View and edit exported text message on computer
    Support all SMS default folders (Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Deleted Items) and custom folders
    Support unlimited SMS backup/restore and print it on computer
    Fast backup and restore speed
    Fully Support Windows Mobile 5/6.0/6.1/6.5.
    Easy to use
    Support VGA and WVGA Screen (such as HTC Touch HD/2 and Diamond/2)



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    Here's how you do it. The next time you're on a flight, go to the back of the plane, hold your phone in front of you with your right hand - arm fully extended. Bend your left leg so that your knee is touching your chest. Have someone open one of the doors for you, hop three times and then jump out of the plane. It will solve all your problems and make the world a better place.
    GR lives...

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