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    How do you get ready for a round of golf

    I go to the range then put then stretch. Then i go play
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    some days when i have time before i leave the house i do a little weight lifting just to get the muscles going, i also strech at home, at the course i putt for a few mins,chip, an head to the tee
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    I do the same work-out and stretch routine I do every morning. When I get to the course, I don't hit any balls at the range at all. If I do anything, I'll chip or putt a bit, but mostly I do a few swings to loosen up. I try not to do anything to rush myself or get my head into much of a thinking or mechanical mode. I'm really kind of a laid back kind of golfer, and my warm-up reflects that.

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    Everybody has their own routine, so all we can offer is experience and opinions. After a bit of stretching, when I have enough time I like to start with a pitching wedge and get my tempo and short iron swing down. Then I hit a few sand and lob wedge shots, then a few with a 7 or 8 iron and then a 5 iron. Then I hit a few with one of my hybrids, some fairway and tee shots with my 3 wood, then several shots with the driver. Then several putts, uphill, sidehill, and downhill to gauge the speed of the greens, then off to the first tee. When I don't have time, I just stretch a bit, take several practice swings, and take my chances.
    Some people benefit from a warmup, others don't seem to need it. It helps my confidence level if I have my tempo down before I start the round. Tempo issues are my nemesis.
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    I go to the club house and have a cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette

    take three or four practice swings, ad then .....fore....

    If i do practice before a round, I will only do some chipping and putting. this relaxes before plpaying. the range generates tension and frustration before a round in my mind.

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    Sometimes it is a cup of coffee, cigar, a few putts and a few stretches
    Sometimes it is a Bloody Mary, cigar, a few putts and a few stretches
    Sometimes it is a Beer, cigar, a few putts and a few stretches
    Sometimes I skip the few putts, but rarely skip any of the others.

    Although I think I may skip the cigar once I restart the season this year, I think they throw off my game.
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    For a competitive round I arrive at the course about 90 minutes before my tee time. I have breakfasted on fruit and cereal before hand (never a "fry up" beforehand because of the high salt and fat content). Then its onto the putting green for about 10 minutes practicing putts between 3 and 5ft. Finally up to the practice ground and after some stretching I hit gentle 3/4 wedges to get the swing moving and build rythim. I do this for a futher 10 minutes then work through the bag up to the 3 iron. Then I place my shag bag in the centre of the practice ground and short pitch or chip the balls to it. Second last some long bunker shots and splash shots. Finally I rehearse my first tee shot (usually a 4 wood). Then its back to the locker room to sit in peace to quieten my mind until my tee time. Does this help? Yes - when I step to the first tee I feel I have at least prepared for the round ahead.

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