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    Finally...no more snow!

    The snow is melting and it is getting warmer, this means i am getting pumped to golf for my first time in errrrrr 4 months ...........i went out to the driving range on a "demo day" and could not hit a driver to save my life....just wondering any advice on getting my swing back to normal.


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    Was your old swing perfect? If not, then I wouldn't be trying to get it back.

    I decided over the winter that I would try to make a few changes in my setup, and in my whole approach/mental image of the golf swing. I've taken the changes to range twice this year, and I would say already that I'm a better player now than I was at my best last summer when I was playing/practicing every other day. I honestly have absolutely no rust in any aspect of my game, and have a swing that I believe is close to completely technically sound.

    The downside (there always is one), is that I no longer have a fade. It is going to require some serious work on my part if I want that back.

    Good luck!

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