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Thread: Forged Irons?

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    Forged Irons?

    Does anyone know what the durability of forged irons is? I am thinking about buying a used set on ebay and I have seen some pics with nasty looking wear patterns in the sweet spot areas. I could be wrong but if there is any discoloring would this be caused by rust?

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    A lot of times forged clubs are used by better players...hence, after a few year the sweet spot really gets taken advantage of. It also depends on how well the person takes care of them. After 5-10 years if you play a lot of golf you'll need new club cause the grooves are gone. I'm almost to this point with cast clubs (3rd time in my life). That's why most people buy new wedges. Anyway, don't buy the already ruined set but if you buy any set of club they'll eventually wear out. If you play a couple times a week and don't practice like Tiger they'll last you a long time. But, blades tend to be hit by better players...hence clubs that have hit a lot more balls in the same spot over and over and over.

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    i bought a used set of wedges (56* and 60*) Mizuno with one being the rusted look....great wedges and the grooves are still clean and crisp. I would think anyone but a pro or competitive player would find years of use from them. Likely to get the NEW CLUB WANTS before they wear out...
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    Depends on how good of a ball striker you are, if you hit all over the face like JS you can go forged with no problem, cause you'll get even wear across the face.

    I love forged and won't go back to cast. I got my set used but in excellent condition and I SNIPED it them on ebay for under $200.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bjdrivers
    Depends on how good of a ball striker you are, if you hit all over the face like JS you can go forged with no problem, cause you'll get even wear across the face.
    Mine usually wear out first on the toe and the hosel.........
    Seldom right, never in doubt......

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    i truely think forged vs cast is all preference... for me i dont really care that much how my irons feel so i play the irons that appeals to my eye more than to my hands... just how i feel i hav played forged irons in the past and could honestly see myslef playing them in the future but for now i am pleased w/cast clubs that i have...

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