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    3 piece vs. 2 piece balls

    I'm a pretty crappy golfer (par makes me do a happy dance) & have been experimenting with balls. Yesterday I alternated holes using ProV1's & SoLo's. I've previously done the same thing with U-tri's & laddies and Strata Tour Ace's vs. those Strata's with the green arrows, as well as a couple of other brands.

    I seem to experience better golf with the 3-piece balls. Is this in my head or is there really a difference for a high handicapper?
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    I'm like you and can only tell you about my experience. I tried many types of balls last year - just to experiment. Everything from ProV1s, HX Tours, all the way down to Rock Flite XL3000s and Infinity's. I have personally found that if my game wasn't on (as much as it could be as a high handicapper), I would actually lose more of the expensive high spin balls because of the extra sidespin I'd get. I think the best experience was trying the Hogan Apex Tours and hitting a slice and watching it sail about 3 fairways over, whereas the Rock Flite only went about 1 fairway over with the same slice. Mind you, if I was playing well, the expensive balls really seemed to perform top notch.

    I eventually found a happy medium by finding a ball that felt decent enough all the time (Noodles) and am sticking with those on all holes except the occasional par 3, where I'll pull out a Nike Tour Accuracy TW (a couple of years old, but awesome feel, although the cover's not exactly durable - and I got them at Target when I was down in the US for $19.99/dozen - which was a stellar deal) and do that. I find I really like the iron/wedge control with these balls if I'm striking well and I've had some great results on par 3s with them.

    I know some people say not to switch balls during a round, but this seems to work well for me.

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