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    Dipping my shoulder...

    Recently I went to the driving range with a friend who shoots around 70...anyway I have been having a horrible year so far with my swing as I have been trying to become more consistant with my shots. Recently I have started to find my swing, but I still wasnt comfortable with my swing. To make a long story short he made some changes to my grip and the way I set up to the ball and someother small things, and I the ball is finally starting to go straight for the first time this year. The one thing we both noticed was that I have a tendancy to dip my shoulder on the downswing. Is there any drill that can do or anything to keep my shoulders straight enough???...thanks

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    Thats a tough one I don't know of any drills that would stop it. I just think about trying to keep my front should high and level through out the swing. Also if u try to swing down at the ball from the top off ur backswing this will cause a shoulder dip.

    Good luck
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    Wink Dippin...

    Your arms shouldr swing on the plane of your clubshaft, while your shoulders turn almost level.
    Be aware if your right shoulder (for a right-handed golfer) moves out towards the ball at the start of your downswing and then follows the arms down the plane. If this is your fault, then make sure your right shoulder stays back slightly as your arms start down.
    If your left shoulder is dipping, then focus on imagining that the top of your left shoulder moves away from your left ear on a level plane at the start of your downswing.
    One of these will alleviate your "dippin" problem

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