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    5 wood off the tee?

    Recently I had given up on my 19* 5 wood as I carry a 22* hybrid and found that I would usually use that or my 15* 3 wood. The 5 wood seemed to be superfluous as I didn't really need it. Due to recent illness I hadn't played for a couple of months and I wanted to get back into it slowly. I play a course that has some short tight driving holes where I usually hit the 22* off the tee but being winter down here in NZ I found I was losing too much distance. The 3 wood is sometimes as wild as the driver so I decided to pull the lob wedge and stick the 19* back in the bag. I couldn't believe how well I hit it off the tee and off the deck on par 5's. It flies slightly higher than the 3 wood but I don't seem to lose distance and it is usually straighter.

    What really surprised me was the driving. The 17th hole is a shortish par 4. Big hitters can drive the green but I can't and it's not worth the risk as there is a big bunker on the left approach to the green as well as lots of gully's and small trees around it. So I usually just lay up with the 22* and hit a PW approach. On Saturday I hit the 5 wood and hit a sweet draw that landed smack in the centre of the fairway. What surprised me was that it went further than when I've used my driver off the tee and would have been in the bunker if it had been left. It was an easy sand wedge approach.

    On the 18th a 216 yard par 3 that I usually use my 3 wood (or driver on windy days) I hit the 5 wood again and landed dead centre of the green. I have never hit my 3 wood that well on that hole.

    Is the extra loft just giving me greater carry which translates into longer shots vs the 15* 3 wood or perhaps I am just getting better conatct as the 19* is more forgiving?

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    A higher loft should give you a more controlled shot but less distance, I do the same thing. I cant hit with my driver and its really showing in my game but I am forcing myself to use it because eventually I will get it right and need to ween myself off of using my 3/5 wood off the tee. The higher loft is helping you with your shots but I doubt its giving you more distance than a driver would (I drive like 100 yards with my driver on a straight shot and 225 with a mean hook but my 3 wood is a consistent 200+ straight)

    IMO you are getting better contact which results in a better shot. Best thing to do is keep experimenting with what works.

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