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Thread: Heel Shots

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    Heel Shots

    anyone know how to fix heel shots on woods? Im dead center on my irons, but my fairway woods and driver, im way off. when i extend my arms fully and keep all my weight on my heels, and then take a swing, another heel shot. uh. any ideas?
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    Try playing the ball off of the toe. You also may be swinging too hard, so tone it down a little.
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    Seems to me it could be numerous things. Kinda hard to tell without seeing your swing. Have you considered taking a lesson? I've only had one lesson so far, but we covered quite a bit, and it also included video analysis which was very helpful.

    Anyway, just an idea...
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    itd be easier to tell if you had a vid but... it sounds like your hips are sliding towards tha ball on your downswing to me... just try to stop them from moving forward by bumbping them toward the taget before you start the downswing this is what i am told at least...

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    Quote Originally Posted by augafan48
    anyone know how to fix heel shots on woods? Im dead center on my irons, but my fairway woods and driver, im way off. when i extend my arms fully and keep all my weight on my heels, and then take a swing, another heel shot. uh. any ideas?

    From the sounds of things, this is the problem right here.

    If you set up with your weight on your heels, more often than not, that weight will shift toward your toes during any lateral movement throughout the swing. If you start on your heels, your weight has nowhere else to go except to your toes - thus getting you closer to the ball and resulting in a shot off the heel instead of the center of the face. In essence, you are leaning back at address and swaying + leaning in to the ball through impact.

    Sound about right?

    The way to fix this is to rock back and forth from your heels to your toes when you address the ball, and feel out the spot where your weight is evenly balanced over as much of your foot as possible. Stack your weight over your feet in the most stable and balanced way you can. You want the weight to stay evenly and comfortably distributed between your heels and your toes - so much so, that during the swing you feel no weight transfer inward toward the ball or back and away from the ball. By doing so, you'll essentially lock your spine on axis (by eliminating the out/in sway) and create a solid foundation for your swing, which keeps it on plane. By staying on plane, you increase your chances of getting the center of the clubface back to the ball for solid contact - and a more repeatable action.

    In my experience, most heel-biased impact conditions are related to this flaw - including the S-word. El-Hosel. You know him.

    Hope this helps.

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